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Solve tilting and failing seawall problems quickly and affordably, without excavation or demolition
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If your home, business, or marina borders water, you know that water can find its way through cracks and unstable soil bordering the seawall. This often leads to cracked seawalls, misaligned or unstable ground, and/or failing seawalls and retaining walls. The Foam Guys are passionate about using our Patented, Soil Stabilization Technolgy to fix these issues for a fraction of the price it costs to replace, repair, and/or maintain a seawall, and we can do it in less than 48 hours! Our patented, industry-leading foam injection technology will fill any and all irregularities, cracks, and sinking in the soil. The best part is that you won’t have to worry about paying to repair or maintain your seawall for the next 25 years, guaranteed!

What can be done to repair a damaged seawall?

The range of repair options is the same for most types of seawalls, whether they are installed on residential, commercial or municipal property. Some contractors recommend replacing a weakened wall with new construction. Others prefer to excavate behind the wall and then perform repair and reinforcement work. Unfortunately, these strategies require heavy equipment and significant excavation. This disruptive work can take days and cost many thousands of dollars.

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Advantages of seawall repair using tieback anchors

It’s wise to repair a damaged seawall sooner rather than later because the damage is certain to become more severe over time. Heavy rains, high tides, and storms can quickly take seawall problems from bad to worse. In addition to posing a safety hazard, a damaged seawall detracts from property value and can make parts of a yard or dock unusable.
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